About Saffron

Crodcus stativus, which is widely known as saffron, is the raw material of one of the most expensive spices in the world and is consumed by men for centuries now. The great smell of saffron is because of a component called Saffranal while Picrocrocine is responsible for its taste and Crocine for the unique color. Ancient Greeks described the endless wealth of their gods as a throne made by saffron for Zeus. In mediterranean, this spice was accompanied by power, fertility and productivity. In old testament, in the Songs of Solomon section, saffron is named among the most valuable spices. This plant was only picked up by women from high social class, such as Nuns, who wore dresses colored by saffron. Egyptians mixed saffron with honey and consumed it. Traditionally, Iran was the sole exporter of red gold in the world, though in recent years other countries have entered this market as producers and exporters. Currently, Spain is considered as one of the Iran's serious peers in exporting saffron across the world. Of among around 330 Tons of saffron produced each year in the world, around 290 Tons are produced in Iran.

Our Products

During the past year, we experimentally planted saffron on our prepared fields for the first time and harvested a product of high quality. in the year to come, we plan to plant and harvest saffron in a greater size and hope to produce the same quality saffron again. The test results of two types of our saffron is brought below.

Super 12 Negin 11